CM Paula’s line of "Gifts from the Earth," focused on unique wellness and souvenir goods.


Megan Giese
Vice President, Creative & Strategic Operations

Kathy Smith
Vice President, Sales & Strategic Operations


In 2008, C.M. Paula acquired GeoCentral, a leading supplier of novelty gift items, natural home décor, and educational products. Since its founding in 1978, GeoCentral has embodied nature’s beauty and bounty by featuring an assortment of globally-sourced stones, seashells, and fossils. Through it all, their commitment to celebrating nature and encouraging joy and wellness is at the foundation of what they do.

Currently featuring one-of-a-kind stones, holistic crystal sets, gifts, distinctive home décor, jewelry, and children’s enrichment items, GeoCentral’s collections inspire awe and elevate the everyday.

In 2019, GeoCentral launched Shoppe Geo, a lifestyle brand focusing on holistic well-being, home décor, and gifts infused with positivity. This direct-to-consumer line is tailored to people who share a love for the Earth’s natural luxuries, presented with a chic and sophisticated aesthetic.