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C.M. Paula is a second generation, family-owned holding company pursuing an investment model to purchase, grow and, preferably, hold profitable business ventures.

George White
Chief Executive Officer

Shara Stroschen
Chief Financial Officer

Up With Paper

CM Paula’s line of innovative, three-dimensional greeting cards.

Monika Brandrup
Vice President & Creative Director

Frank Masek
Vice President, Sales & Strategic Operations


CM Paula’s line of “Gifts from the Earth,” focused on unique wellness and souvenir goods.

Megan Giese
Vice President, Creative & Strategic Operations

Kathy Smith
Vice President, Sales & Strategic Operations

Art Metals Group

CM Paula’s firm offering unique and high quality engineered metal stamping and coining manufacturing.

Bill Schell
Senior Director, Operations

Brian Childers
Senior Director, Sales

Gil Gonzalez

Remtec Automation

CM Paula’s firm offering transformative automated systems that improve customers’ market competitiveness and profitability.

Craig Wolffer
Vice President of Operations

Chris Simons
Vice President of Sales

Terri Campbell
Director of Accounting